Ensimag arcade machine

Final product

This old JEUTEL arcade machine had been sitting in the cafeteria at Ensimag for more than 10 years (or so I’ve been told). I decided to fix it so we could play Genesis games on it. A LOT of work was put into this, because it was one of these projects where the moment something starts working, you find out something else is broken (this thing was made in the 80’s, after all). I learned tons of stuff during this project: a lot of electronics and hadware, but also some kernel hacking. The arcade machine now contains a PC with an old Pentium 4 and an ATI 9200 that runs Archlinux.

All the resources that were used to fix it can be found in this Github repo. A tutorial (in french) is also there so that people can fix it again if breaks.

Dr Gaetan Bahl
Dr Gaetan Bahl
Senior Machine Vision Engineer

My research interests include artificial intelligence, computer vision, and edge computing.